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The Bradco High Desert Report is the High Desert’s most reliable economic overview the region. Through The Bradco High Desert Report, our clients, associates, and affiliates receive the publication at least once a year with updates of news and information about the local and regional economy, real estate market trends, forecasts, issues, and legislation affecting the future of real estate development.

Contributors to this report since May of 1993 include nationally renowned economist such as Dr. Alfred Gobar and local cities and their economic development agencies. Subscribers from around the world include property owners, investors, local businesses, developers, builders, major lending institutions, the mining industry, and those interested in the High Desert’s progress. Firms throughout the High Desert region who have made long-term commitments to economic enhancements sponsor this publication. Any individual or organization interested in doing business or investing in the area will benefit from a subscription.

We also ask other agencies, such as the Mojave Water Agency, Victor Valley Economic Development Authority (VVEDA), Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, CalTrans, SANBAG (San Bernardino Association of Governments), Cal Trans, and each incorporated city throughout the High Desert area (Apple Valley, Adelanto, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville) County of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency to give updates on development projects of interest. The publication also attempts to monitor and report economic events throughout the unincorporated areas of the High Desert.

Some of the items that are presented in The Bradco High Desert Report are listed below:

  • New home residential permit and valuation trends.
  • New commercial / industrial permit and valuation trends.
  • Employment and job creation trends.
  • Sales tax trends.
  • Economic overview of San Bernardino County and its relationship to the High Desert area.
  • General information for each respective city (Adelanto, Apple Valley, Barstow, Hesperia, Victorville) noting positive economic events during the prior quarter.
  • Evaluate all major issues and topics affecting each city within the High Desert region. Each quarter, the publisher selects a topic with Dr. Alfred Gobar. Dr. Gobar was born and raised in the Victor Valley area. Dr. Gobar is one of the country’s renowned economist’s who can explore utilizing his in-depth knowledge of the real estate market.

Comments from Readers of the Bradco High Desert Report

Thanks for doing such a great job keeping us informed on what is going on in the High Desert. It is truly a place of great opportunity if you time it correctly. Your report helps us to do that. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the great information you share.

-Chris Canaday-

As a property owner in the High Desert Region, the Bradco Report has been immensely helpful and informative enabling me to keep in touch with a region that I do not have direct knowledge. It has provided in-depth analysis of the real estate market and general economic conditions and trends particular to that region. I find it indispensable. Thank you Joseph W. Brady and staff.

-Michael B. Schwartz-

Year in and year out; the best report encompassing the Victor Valley region as it pertains to real estate.

-James Muro-

If anyone wants to know about the High Desert they need to have the High Desert Report.

-Robert Howard-

Thank you Joe for the High Desert Report and keeping the High Desert visible to outside industries and commercial concerns.

-Hank McGill-

A great source of information on the High Desert for many years!

-Aaron Aftergut-

News & Articles – Click here to download the pdf of News and Articles from every edition we have published. It is the goal of this publication to ensure factual information to its readers. Some of the items that would be included on a yearly basis; but reviewed on a continual basis would be  the following subject matters

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