Testimonial Details

Arthur N. Rupe

I currently wish to sell my four vacant land parcels in Newberry Springs at the Harvard Road/Interstate 15 off-ramp. According to my files (copy of your April 24, 2002 letter to me enclosed for reference), at that time we discussed The Bradco Companies representing me for the sale of one of the parcels. However, shortly thereafter, no further action was actively pursued.

After all these years, I have recently been approached by two buyers for two of the parcels, which again motivated me to attempt to market the parcels at this time. Not being familiar with current market conditions, I recently engaged Steven Fontes of Mission Property Advisors to provide me with an MAI appraisal of each of the parcels.

I was pleased with their professionalism, so I asked him to refer a few top-notch commercial real estate firms, and he referred only one, Joe Brady (The Bradco Companies). Talk about coincidence!

Therefore, I would like to gauge your interest in listing my parcels.