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Jeff Salkin

Sales Management, Time Warner Entertainment - Charter Communications - Booth American Company

I met Joe Brady 17 years ago. He's not just a "business" associate, he's become a friend. As anyone reading this "recommendation" knows, to be a friend you have to be able to have trust...which is earned not given. Joe is incredibly direct, honest and one of the brightest thought leaders that it's been my privilege to get to know since moving to Southern California in 1992. Joe is years ahead of his contemporaries understanding significant economic, business and cultural trends. He is not only a consumer of information, he is a student, which means his word and advice can be, but should be heeded as factual - and in the best interests of his community. Would I "recommend" Joe? To anyone any day of the week, because I know he means what he says and says what he means. And he's got a pretty good sense of humor too! For my friend Joe, you can trust him too. Jeff Salkin