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Mark D. Whalen, Senior Vice President

Pacific Premier Bank

Regarding; OREO property of 13.10 acres in Victorville

Dear Joseph,

I wanted to personally thank you for the work you did in finally getting this property sold and off our books as an OREO property. And you did it at a pretty fair price in our view, all things considered. As you know, this came to the Bank from San Diego Trust after having been on their books for four years and now almost five years here at Pacific Premier Bank.

While you got paid a commission here, which I'm sure would never come close to covering your real costs and time involved, you also served as a buyer and principal and ultimately, it was you that made this all work for everyone. I trust that you and your partners view this as a great opportunity to participate in the up side of this property when the road ultimately goes through and we certainly wish you the best of success in this regard.

It is worth noting that this was a difficult sale and throughout the entire listing period, you handled this like it was the most important listing in your book, put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the marketing and sales efforts, and were instrumental in guiding us through some of the due diligence and planning work that we did with the City and our architect and civil engineer. This went well beyond the scope of what was required, or ever expected, but you did it with zest and supportive style that was much appreciated. This type of listing often does not make you much money, and can be easily lost in the shuffle, but we never felt that type of attitude or thinking from you but rather the exact opposite. The sale transactions that get handled and done the right way, even when they maybe not that financially helpful, are the ones that get the most respect in my view.

With that said, I would be happy to use your services again, you went well beyond the call of duty here, and throughout the whole process, we appreciated your thoughts, guidance, and support, which collectively resulted in a great solution for both of us.


Mark D. Whalen
Senior Vice President
Director of Portfolio Management
Pacific Premier Bank

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