Testimonial Details

Jill C. Richards

After doing initial research to find an experienced and knowledgeable land broker and commercial real estate agency, I found The Bradco Companies. Circumstances changed and several years later, I found myself in a position to sell ( or at least list) the property. Went with a different commercial real estate agent which turned out to be very disappointing and frustrating because he was more of a brick-and-mortar agent. I wasted 2 years of listing time - probably could have sold my property at a time when the market was stronger - gotten more capital. Live and learn. *Re-enter The Bradco Companies. I was impressed with the knowledge and historical perspective that Joseph Brady had about the Victor Valley area. It gave me the confidence and peace of mind that he could represent my vacant land to the proper brokers/speculators. And here we are today - property SOLD!! The Bradco Companies were very helpful to me and I would highly recommend them, especially regarding land transactions.