Testimonial Details

Michael and Barbara Kim Johnen

Thank You to Bradco and Companies;

Mr. Joseph Brady, Francisco, Katie Alpert and any others behind the scenes that contribute to the success of this most professional real estate service and companies.

We are most grateful that in today's market you were successful in the recent sale of our residential lot in Silver Lakes. You were also instrumental in the sale of our agricultural building and through one of your companies, our home as well, all in the High Desert.

You constantly kept us informed of the changes in the High Desert market place and your marketing efforts with our listings. Because of your knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry and your tenacity to be number one, I would not hesitate to use your services for the sale of our remaining property. Additionally, I will recommend Bradco to anyone in need of a real estate broker no matter what the service requirements.

You gave us the comfort of knowing we had what borders on 24/7 service, a true sign of the dedication Bradco offers through customer service, and we appreciate that very much. something often absent from other Brokers and Agents whether in a depressed market or not.

Bradco is truly a professional operation with the required patience to work well with their customers and other real estate companies. and agents.

Thank you again, 


Michael and Barbara Kim Johnen