Testimonial Details

Richard Hollander

Executive Vice President, SIOR

Joseph Brady is a member of SIOR. Membership is open only to those industrial and office real estate brokers who meet the rigorous standards established by SIOR to determine qualification for the prestigious SIOR designation. These standards include prerequisites for education, passing an exam, and considerable experience. In addition, there is a requirement that a broker must have exceeded the production threshold for his/her market over a period of three of the most recent five years. Finally, in order for a commercial real estate broker to receive the SIOR designation, he/she must take SIOR's Ethics course and agree to abide by SIOR's professional standards of conduct. All of this helps to ensure that SIORs are drawn from the top 20% of the brokers in each market. When you use an SIOR, you may feel confident that you are working with someone whose ethics and expertise have been certified. Joseph Brady, SIOR, has met these standards.